About Us

Amy Renner Dennison founded Renner Marketing in 2004 as an independent consultant, but found it lonely and soon joined a digital advertising agency. After years of striving for work-life balance while raising her sons, Amy founded her own agency in 2015.  AD Marketing focuses on solving clients’ marketing challenges. Today, AD Marketing is a lean shop with a team of members working virtually. This business model is an unique niche. AD Marketing is able to get inside of our clients’ businesses and help differentiate them in a way that is tangibly different from the competition. Contact us to see how we can make your company stand out!

Why AD Marketing?

We brainstorm consistently and come up with solutions on how best to achieve results. We approach your needs from the outside view; a consumer’s eye. We keep up with the current trends and are also on the lookout for emerging ones. We will tell you what strategies can work well determine where to find your audience and target it correctly.

We work with you to develop key performance indicators, identify metrics you can monitor in different channels and provide you with reports on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis.

Our Focus:

  • Help identify where your target audience “hangs out”

  • Determine the most appealing content and imagery

  • Streamline your campaigns on social media

  • Research keywords, analytics and search management

  • Restructure your web content so prospective clients’ visit and engage your company